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We set up and manage R&D centers for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses. 

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Expand your business globally

We offer a complete range of services to expand your global presence. From access to a network of skilled developers in Europe and LATAM to covering all operational routines, we deliver a comprehensive solution to launch your R&D unit in the tech hub of your choice. 


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Your turn-key R&D research and development solution


A branded
office space


Legal entity
and taxation aid

IT infrastructure

People management
and development


The right people deliver the right results. With that in mind, we offer targeted HR solutions for R&D development centers based on your tech specs and requirements. Through our internal screening processes, we will ensure you receive a perfect combination of candidate experience level, proficiency in various tech stacks, culture fit, and expertise specific to your domain.

A branded
office space

Your office is the face of your organization. We will assist you in acquiring a fully furnished office space for your R&D development center in any tech hub across Europe and LATAM. Our services encompass everything – from customizing your office space with your branding to implementing essential security measures.


Your R&D product development office should run like a well-oiled machine. We will take care of hiring qualified personnel to provide the best services for your R&D development center. This includes contracting workers who handle team management, office maintenance, IT infrastructure, catering, delivery, equipment procurement, and more. 

Legal entity
and taxation aid

We will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to establishing a legal entity in the tech hub of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional software engineers from LATAM and Europe, without the need to delve into the intricacies of international taxation and local labor regulations.

IT infrastructure

A robust IT infrastructure is the bloodline of your R&D development center. We will assume responsibility for configuring and supporting your IT infrastructure, handling network and server maintenance, implementing security measures and ensure any IT-related issues are promptly resolved. 

People management
and development

Once your R&D development center is established, we will take the reins to ensure the seamless integration of all team members into your organization. We will handpick and appoint a local manager who will echo your values and nurture them within your R&D development center. Moreover, our dedicated HR experts will take care of team member retention and their overall happiness throughout the lifecycle of your R&D. 

Europe & LATAM: The most skilled hubs for
R&D software development

A deep
talent pool


The best
cultural fit

Focus on innovative
software development

A beneficial
R&D ecosystem


Europe and LATAM are bursting at the seams with tech talent – and we are a gateway to access it. We will help you source experts in R&D product development, with diverse technical backgrounds, expertise in a wide range of programming languages and emerging technologies.

The concept of an R&D development center is all about cost efficiency. We will guide you in choosing a tech hub in either Europe or LATAM that will let you optimize your budget through budget-friendly operational costs and lucrative software development rates.

The European and LATAM work ethics are Western-like. They align well with the mentality of global companies, including a shared approach to management, dispute resolution, and teamwork. These similarities create a fertile ground for a strong working relationship and effective cooperation in your R&D development center.

Europe and LATAM have strong potential for innovative software development. The regions are home to a vibrant and rapidly growing technology ecosystem, with numerous startups, research institutions, and tech companies that drive innovation.

Both regions offer a stable business environment, funding opportunities, collaborative networks, regulatory alignment with the North American and EU businesses, and access to a diverse talent pool.

European and LATAM software engineers boast solid English proficiency thanks to long history of working in international R&D software development settings. This will help you build no-barrier communication bridges and cultivate strong partnerships.

Choose the location
for your R&D unit

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Our clients

Why choose us for R&D software development


  • 5 R&D centers launched since 2019
  • Over 15 years of experience in opening remote divisions of Western European and North American businesses
  • Knowledge of the local business landscape and tech talent market
  • We will help you get familiar with all business practices, labor laws, and tax regulations and overcome any challenges


  • Over 125,000 software engineers in our database
  • We are well-prepared to backfill vacancies within 2-4 weeks
  • An experienced HR team specialized in sourcing talent from Еurope and LATAM

Tech expertise 

  • A thorough multi-step screening process that includes tech interview, soft skills, and English tests
  • Our internal senior-level engineers ensure you meet the right candidates for your R&D
  • Experience across diverse programming languages and technologies


  • Full visibility into the R&D office launch process
  • We are ready to meet your demands regarding IP rights, data protection, NDA, and more
  • Personal account manager to address any issues and concerns continuously throughout the entire cooperation

Let’s hear from our clients

“nCube team helped us to establish a second location in order to tap into another talent market. I can say that nCube takes care of pretty much everything and provides everything we might need to work with.”

Sebastian Heide

Sebastian Heide

CTO at CrossEngage

“nCube has delivered on time, meeting our expectations. They have communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their clear workflow and coordination have been hallmarks of their work.”

Daniel Schötz

CTO at Helliwood Media

“After almost a year of our cooperation, it’s clear that we have built a strong partnership. nCube has found us awesome technology talents and proactively helped us to establish a powerful environment in their office. Together we have discovered new ways to reinvent my offshore approach. The hiring process has an outstanding time to market, since it takes a maximum of 2 weeks from getting to know to the final decision.”

Testimonial from Jan Koschitzki, Flightright

Jan Koschitzki

CTO at Flightright

3 / 1

Launch your R&D software
development in 4 simple steps

You share your

To provide you with a customized solution, our team carefully studies your requirements, including team size and composition, office requirements, project specs, security demands, and other aspects you deem necessary. 

We create
a personal offer

We create a personalized proposal by taking into account your specific needs, which spans a range of services from hiring a local manager, building a skilled core team of developers, and establishing office administration processes.

We align
our partnership 

Before your R&D center opens its doors, we will take care of preparing and signing all necessary agreements and contracts with the team members. 

We launch your R&D

development center

After getting the green light from you on all aspects, we will work at maximum efficiency to build your R&D software development branch in the location of your choice. 

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